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A Sliver of Shadow (Abby Sinclair, #2) - Allison Pang Abby Sinclair returns in A Silver of Shadow, the second installment in the series written by Allison Pang. Abby is still the touchstone to Moira, the Protectorate. Like in the first book Moira is gone, though this time we know where she is. Abby has to make difficult decisions to try to reach Moira and fix everything that is going on.

I feel bad for Abby, it seems that she cannot get a break in this book. It is a constant bombardment of issues which happen one after another that Abby must take in stride and solve. She is forced to face her fears, and you can see her character grow as the story evolves.

The CrossRoads, the pathway between Faery and the human world is closed abruptly. This causes a lot of issues for Faery in the human world since they are essentially stuck. Not only that but without the CrossRoads open, they will begin to die (fade). Having a human TouchStone will give them more time, but the end result is the same. It is up to Abby to try to solve why the CrossRoads was closed and how to get it back open.

There are hunky men as usual for a possible love interest, though Brystion (Ion) is no longer the main man. Taliver, who happens to be Moira's brother is in the picture and I found myself rooting for him. When I finished reading book one I had hopes that Abby and Brystion would stay together or work things out. Now I am not so sure who I want Abby to be with. I found myself liking Taliver more and more as this book progressed.

A Sliver of Shadow ends in a cliff hanger, which is one thing that I hate in books. Well not hate, it just makes me really want the next book right now so I can see what the heck happens. So on that note, this was a great book and I cannot wait to read the next one.