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Strange Ideas: Death, Destiny and Decisions - Louise West Strange Ideas is 5 separate stories compiled into one book. I'll be honest, most of the time I don't read books like this, but this was a really refreshing read that I enjoyed a lot. I think I enjoyed it so much because the short stories were well written and I couldn't guess the end of each story from the beginning. Below is a few sentences about each story.

A Flip of the Coin is about a man named Jimmy that is on his deathbed in a hospital. Death comes to visit him and gives a unique way on how Jimmy will be deemed fit for Heaven or Hell.

Stamp was slightly scary. Ben and his friend Tim head to a club and when Ben meets a pretty lady named Cassie things get interesting. She asks if they want to join her at another club, and they quickly agree. I think most people would do as Ben did, act without thinking of possible consequences. The consequence is something not expected, and left me intrigued while reading.

Rock God is about a young woman named Mia that goes to a concert with her boyfriend Darren even though she's not a fan of the band. This story was slightly predictable, but still interesting.

Superstition is about Laura, a young woman married to Adam, a slightly abusive (verbal and rarely physical) husband. Laura is very superstitious and it was quirky but endearing.

Late: a ghostly tale has a school teacher in school after hours all by herself. I'm pretty sure that would be enough to freak out most people. When she hears a strange noise and sees something that shouldn't be there she winds up running out of the building. Little did she know, she can't escape from her new acquaintance.