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Seduced (Lost in Oblivion, #0.5) - Cari Quinn,  Taryn Elliott Seduced is about the band Oblivion that hasn't quite made it yet. They have a few gigs but nothing major. The band members look for a drummer and manage to find a dynamic duo (Gray and Jazz) that are just what they needed. Though it starts out rocky between the band members, they quickly adapt and make compromises so the band can succeed without major issues.

Simon is a love em and leave em type of guy. He's the type of band member that I've read about oh so often, yet this time it was different. I started out thinking I wouldn't really like him, but I grew to love and look forward his portions of the book.

Nick is the oh so serious guitarist with a major case of jitters when it comes time to get on stage. He wants the band to hit the big times and kind of forces the others to do things that are best for the band. That doesn't always go over so well, and definitely causes some tension.

The others in the band are noteworthy of their own accord, but I don't want to giveaway too many details. Jazz sounds like a complicated woman (she's the drummer) that perfectly balances one of the characters. The two characters that I NEED to know more about are Deacon (the bassist) and Gray (guitarist). Lucky enough for me, Deacon's book is coming out in September!

Seduced is like going to a concert, its opening was pretty good but it just kept getting better and better as I kept reading. I will note that there are some serious sexy times (including a few menage a trois scenes) throughout the book so Seduced is not for the faint of heart. However if you want to be entranced while reading about some awesome band members, this is the book for you.