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My Life as A White Trash Zombie - Diana Rowland Let me start this review out with the fact that Diana Rowland is a genius. I absolutely loved this book, and wonder where the heck I've been, since I haven't read her other books yet. The cover art is gorgeous, the book is well written, and I want the second book NOW. Why do you tease me with a second book that is not released yet? Why?!

Angel Crawford starts the book out as a washed up, pill addicted junkie. She finds herself in the hospital with no clue how she got there, much less what happened. She remembers being in a car crash and blood everywhere, yet there is not a mark on her. When it comes time for her release from the hospital she finds that a mystery person leaves her a care package and a strange note. She is told to go to a job interview the next morning to be a driver for the Corner's Office.

Angel lands the job, and much to her surprise she is picking up dead bodies and helping out with autopsies. Her character begins to grow, I could tell that Angel wants to keep her job and tries to make good decisions. It is pretty hard on her in the book since her father is an alcoholic, and treats her like crap most of the time. There is also the small matter of a serial killer is on the loose and chopping off people's heads. All of this is going on while she is struggling to learn what it is means to be a zombie. It seems there isn't a handbook for being a zombie so Angel is not quite sure what she needs to do. She has no clue if she needs to eat brains daily, if she should eat normal food, etc.

There is a little bit of a romantic interest in the book that was slightly too fast paced for me. Basically towards the end of the book there is a guy that Angel will get chummy with. I won't say who it is since that is a surprise, but it just felt really rushed since it doesn't develop until the very end.

All in all this book is amazing and I highly recommend it!