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Better off Dead (The Vamp Saga, #2) - Elle Chardou This is a complex soap opera type of book with vampires as the cast. It contains vampire politics, backstabbing, and ulterior motives. Blanchard offers a fresh prospective on vampires that is no where near the norm. If you want to read something unique, I would suggest you pick up this series.

The main character is Manon, she is a Day Walker and able to convert people of her blood line into Day Walkers. After converting a few more family members it is realized that there is a threat to her life. Her husband's son, Emmerik, escorts Manon to safety. While alone together a romance sparks between Manon and Emmerik that cannot be denied. I found myself liking Emmerik more than his father Mikkel and hoping Manon would find a way to be with him.

There is a ton of vampire politics in this book. This is mainly focused around Manon, Mikkel, Emmerik, and the International Vampire Council (I.V.C.). I found it slightly difficult to keep the characters straight, but liked the book once I remembered everyone. I would suggest reading the first book (Death Wish) in this series before reading book 2 (Better off Dead).