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Night Seeker (Indigo Court, #3) - Yasmine Galenorn Cicely Waters returns in book 3 of the Indigo Court series. Multitalented, she is witch that is able to control wind, as well as being part Cambyra Faethe (shifting fae) she is able to shift into an owl. Cicely is joined by her friends and loved ones which are in hiding from Myst, the Queen of the Indigo Court, and her Shadow Hunters. The city is being terrorized by Myst and her supporters. Cicely and her friends are the only ones that can stop Winter from taking full control.

The Summer Queen, Lainule is dying slowly without being near her heartstone. To help gain an edge over Myst, Cicely must try to save Lainule by risking herself to find the Queen’s heartstone. By doing this, Lainule will live and help against Myst in battle. Finding a needle in a haystack that is protected magically isn’t going to be easy, even with the help of her love Grieve and other friends. Cicely and Grieve, are star crossed lovers. Their love spreads over time and cannot be stopped by death. Will there be a happy ending in a world so full of destruction?

This installment in the series is full of action and adventure. Cicely is led down a path that I never expected. It will change everything for her and everyone around her. By far, this was my favorite book of this series. I cannot wait to read book 4, to see what will happen. Until then I will hold myself over by reading Yasmine Galenorn’s other series, book 1 can be found HERE.