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Blackbirds - Chuck Wendig Miriam is a bad ass that doesn't take crap from anyone. She has a gift, though she thinks of it as a curse, which allows her to see how everyone will die just by touching them. All she needs is skin on skin contact and she will be able to see when and how someone dies. She is a wanderer, never sticking around in one place very long and never letting her guard down. Her life changes when she gets in a truck with a man named Louis. The brief touch of his hand lets her see that he will die in roughly a month and his last words would be her name.

Louis is a lonely truck driver that wants to protect Miriam from the bad things in life. He is sweet and a little bit naive. He has no clue what fate has in store for him. I found myself hoping that Miriam would be able to do something for Louis to change his fate. But as far as she knows fate is set in stone and unable to be changed. The bad "guys" in this book are rather interesting. Frankie and Harriet are searching for something that belongs to their boss. They are ruthless in their search and will stop at nothing to get what they are looking for. Their story quickly and cleanly intertwines with Miriam's story.

I have to give major kudos to Wendig, the entire time I was reading I was thinking "Wow, this would be a great movie". I have never felt that way about a book before, and probably won't again until I read the second book of this series. This book had the whole dark, gritty thing going for it and a main character that spoke her mind (profanities included). I really loved it, and I highly recommend it if you are okay with books that have profanity, violence, death, etc.