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A Trace of Moonlight - Allison Pang A Trace of Moonlight is book three in the Abby Sinclair series. It picks up shortly after A Sliver of Shadow. Abby has lost her memory after drinking from the waters of lethe and doesn't know what is going on. Talivar is taking care of Abby, and trying to find a way to recover her memory and save her from being the Tithe.

On a stroll in the garden Abby sees Maurice who is being held in Faerie for his actions in the last book. He escapes with something very important, and mortally injures someone, which causes a ton of issues for everyone. After dealing with all the hubbub, the Queen still needs Abby to be the Tithe, a human sacrifice to keep the peace between the demons and Faerie. To keep Abby in place she places a geas on her so she cannot go to the CrossRoads. This rubs Talivar the wrong way, so he enacts a plan to ensure their escape from under the Queen's thumb.

A good portion of the book revolves around the Eildon tree, which basically holds the CrossRoads together. After a fight near the tree it's a race against the clock to find Maurice and save the CrossRoads. Abby is left to make hard decisions, and save multiple lives.

The relationship aspect of the book is pretty much the same as in book two. There is a love triangle, and I still wasn't sure who I wanted Abby to wind up with. I could tell that Talivar cares for Abby and she cares for him, but I just wasn't sure. Brystion on the other hand was in this book more and I leaned his way slightly.

A Trace of Moonlight is an fast read that will keep you on the edge of your seat. I love that Abby doesn't always make the wisest decisions, and her character isn't perfect in every way. I highly recommend this series, if you haven't read Allison Pang's work yet you are missing out.