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True Love at Silver Creek Ranch - Emma Cane Brooke Thalberg doesn't have time to search for love. She works hard doing the everyday chores on her family's ranch and never gets a day off. Brooke is a relatable character that I think most women will be able to connect with, I know I did. Like a lot of women out there she just doesn't have the time to look for a relationship due to the amount of time she puts into her job.

When an ex-Marine returns to Valentine Valley to watch after his ailing grandmother, he quickly gets a job at Silver Creek Ranch as a hand to keep himself busy. From day one with Adam on the ranch I could tell that Brooke couldn't help the attraction she felt towards him. What I really enjoyed were the little tidbits brought in from Adam's childhood. Brooke went to school with him so she (and a few other characters) shines some light on his changes from a trouble maker to a dependable, sexy man.

Though the story was a little bit predictable, I couldn't put the book down. True Love at Silver Creek Ranch is a small town contemporary romance that had me enthralled from page one. I loved the believable relationships that Brooke had with all of the characters. I could feel the sparks between Adam and Brooke and the love shared with her friends and family. All in all I loved the book and cannot wait to read more from Emma Cane.

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