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Troll Or Derby - Red Tash Deb (aka Roller Deb) is an outcast that looks after her drug addict sister, Gennifer. The book starts with Deb saving her sister from a burning trailer and quickly escalates to other events that kept my on my toes. When Gennifer goes missing, Deb goes to rescue her from the drug dealer boyfriend Dave. In Deb's adventure to save Gennifer, she meets Harlow, a hunky troll that I couldn't get enough (more Harlow please!).

Harlow is drawn to Deb from the first second he lays eyes on her. When he finally catches up to Roller Deb he helps her find her way throughout the paranormal aspects of the world she never knew existed. I absolutely loved Harlow's character; he's the sexy, quiet guy that isn't afraid to get his hands dirty to save his woman. So pretty much he's the guy that every woman wants in their life.

I was so happy while reading because Red Tash mixed it up and had alternating points of view each chapter between Deb and Harlow. This allowed me to get a more well rounded view of the main characters and how both of them think versus how they act. Troll or Derby is one of the most unique books I've ever read. It effortlessly blends roller derby, romance, finding oneself, rescue and more in a tidy package. I found myself flipping the pages and saying "just one more chapter" so I could see what would happen next. If you enjoy paranormal books, Troll or Derby is a must buy.