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Soul Stripper - Katana Collins Monica, a barista by day, stripper by night has the blues. How is a former angel turned succubus supposed to work for a hottie and not sleep with him? Monica's motto is to only sleep (aka steal life) with the already condemned souls, so her boss is off limits.

The focus of Soul Stripper focuses around Monica's dual life. She works a fairly normal job selling coffee then does the complete opposite by going to her night job and stripping. Another main focus of the book is that someone seems to be killing succubi (succubus'?) and Monica might be next. It's pretty much a rush against the clock to find out who is behind the killings before she gets targeted and murdered.

Romance: Bow chica bow wowwwww! Soul Stripper is not for the faint of heart. There are sexy times in almost every chapter. This being an erotica novel, that wasn't very surprising. What did surprise me was how well written everything was and the focus wasn't on all of the sex. That being said, if you enjoy erotica books with a twist of paranormal you will love this book!