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The Reluctant Amazon - Sandy James Rebecca Massee was ditched at the alter by her momma's boy of a fiancee. Her anger triggers an earthquake and a sexy Scottish man comes to her rescue. They fight some foul looking and smelling creatures named Revenants that are basically zombies. Rebecca initially didn't want to believe him that she is an Amazon, but after seeing the monsters and a display from a Fire Amazon she has no choice.

Artair MacKay, a sexy Scottish warrior finds the new Amazons (Earth, Fire, Air, and Water) and trains them to ensure they will be the best fighters and know how to control their powers. Mister tough guy is always hard on his Amazons to ensure they learn everything they need to, but with Rebecca he is different. Though still tough, he has the urge to hold her when she is upset and things to that effect.

Rebecca and the Fire Amazon, Megan, begin their training by running several miles daily and also learning to fight both hand to hand and with weapons. She is very slow on learning to fight and I was slightly worried she wouldn't make the cut. After training for awhile the team goes in search for the two missing Amazons of the previous generation, and a lot of fighting ensues.

The Reluctant Amazon is a breath of fresh air that kept me on my toes. I haven't read anything like this before, but enjoyed it immensely. I highly recommend this book, and will be starting book two very soon!