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Hearts in Darkness - Keri Arthur Private Investigator, Nikki James returns in book two of the Nikki & Michael series, she is back to her normal job of solving crimes. Her current investigation is to find a missing person (child) which leads her to a resort in Jackson Hole. On an unlikely stroke of luck, Michael is told to team up with Nikki because their paths will cross while he's investigating rich men going missing at the resort. After the events that happened in book one, I was worried they would just automatically be okay/make up and everything would go back to normal. I should have known better, KArthur had them overcoming their awkwardness with one another and also finding a way to manage their feelings all while solving the case(s).

I'll be honest, I was worried this book wouldn't be what I'm used to getting out of a Keri Arthur book. Book one in this series wasn't what I expected, though I did enjoy it. Luckily, Hearts in Darkness has a lot more of the KArthur vibe that I remember from the Riley Jenson series. While it's still lacking on the smutty goodness, I have to admit this book kept me interested. I wasn't sure who the bad guy(s) would be, but one thing I'm glad is the same is the paranormal aspect.

Just in case you missed my review of book one here's the heads up again: this series is a re-release, so if you've read this before, don't get confused. While you don't necessary have to read this in order so far, I would highly suggest it so you know their past together. If you're a KArthur fan or even just someone that enjoys Urban Fantasy with a slight romance twist I suggest this series.